Coastal TPA, Inc. is pleased to provide a self service online tool, which is HIPAA compliant for patient privacy, and provides you with free online access to your benefit information. Take a minute and review the exciting online services available to you.

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System features allow members to:

View paid claim information
Check eligibility status
Retrieve the summary plan description
Access to online customer service
Verify provider participation
And much, much more!

About Coastal's Healthcare Solutions

Established in 1961, Coastal specializes in the self-insured employer group arena delivering affordable and tailored healthcare solutions that include expert third-party claims administration, a proprietary regional PPO and access to local, state and national provider panels. Coastal continues to empower employers to take control of their benefits, offering a full scope of professional and independent health care administrative and management programs.

Today, self-insuring remains one of the most effective ways employer groups can control the rising costs of healthcare. With a surge in popularity, many experts predict that it is the wave of the future. For Coastal, the value of self-insuring healthcare benefits is not a new concept. In fact, Coastal is a pioneer in the field with a proven track record of reducing healthcare claims cost for employer groups.

Coastal partners with our clients to form an intimate understanding of the local healthcare markets while maintaining a macro-level vantage point on the factors impacting national and global healthcare delivery trends. Throughout the decades, Coastal has led the industry with our innovations and advancements in healthcare administration and management.

The tide is changing. With the complexities that come with healthcare reform, new regulations, federal ERISA guidelines and compliance issues, it is more important than ever to have an expert like Coastal on your side.

Coastal has been riding the wave for more than 50 years. You can trust Coastal to work with you to develop a healthcare plan that offers the perfect balance between your healthcare needs and your benefits budget.

To find out more about how Coastal provides unique benefit solutions for employer groups, contact us.


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